Good Fellas


Over the past couple of years, there’s been a noticeable increase of men making the switch to Laser. The male grooming market will reach nearly 30 Billion by 2024 globally.  As I continued to research, I found out these numbers only included products, not services. IMO, it’s a huge oversight to not include these figures let alone to not talk about this segment at all. If we’ve been paying attention, it’s not the product itself which is being sold, it’s the associated ideals and ‘cool’ factor of the brand. More importantly, it’s the customer experience. How innovative can the packaging, marketing and purchase of a Men’s face wash at Shoppers Drug Mart really get? How does it make sense to see the enormous number of products on the market and still create salons that are so heavily marketed to only women?

The success of Smooth Operator isn’t just in the results of hairless skin, it’s largely the experience that comes with it. Ensuring people felt safe and comfortable was number 1. Surrounding the look and feel of Smooth Operator around music was essential to this and handy that the Dark Side of the Moon album cover happens to be the light spectrum and my company logo. My business cards look like a vinyl cover and don’t even say anything about hair removal. Marketing a service to only women when all genders have body hair made no sense to me. I wanted to give everyone a common ground. Lying on your tummy getting your butt lasered is a humbling experience that isn’t for only women. Men don’t want hairy butts either. When a client comes in, I try to play music that not only appeals to their taste but to help them feel calm in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes the BPM of the song matches the rhythm of the laser pulse and I can’t tell you what kind of joy that brings me. (I clearly really love what I do lol)

Another component to the safety and comfort of clients which has also been extra appealing to men was to not have a storefront. I went against every piece of advice given to me by very smart people but privacy was essential for the type of environment I wanted to create. Trusting myself on that piece has paid off in a big way since I’m now the Go-To Laser person for people who are in the public eye. The truth is, NOBODY wants to sit in a waiting room with a big window along busy parts of Queen street waiting to get a wax, famous or not. Yes I’m calling you out Fuzz and Waxon.

In fact, doing the opposite of the type of marketing that is normally done in the beauty industry is the thing that seems to be working for me.  No Pink. No flowers. No google ad words. No groupons and I’m probably going to delete the business Facebook page this week. It’s very clear that when it comes to hair removal, people want a legit referral, ease of making an appointment (99% of my bookings are via text), honesty, reliable information and to get it done as quickly as possible. Charging their phone during the appointment is about the extent of bells and whistles they truly care about. This goes for all genders.

While dark haired women are quite savvy on the subject of hair removal, most men are still using ancient methods for their body like waxing and depilatory creams when manscaping their whole body with a trimmer isn’t cutting it. There is so much men don’t know when it comes to the hair removal options available to them simply because they don’t talk about hair removal amongst themselves at the rate that women do.

Most of my male clients are my female clients husbands/partners/brothers. Nearly every single one of them wishes they had started laser earlier. Yet none of them have referred their fellow buddies. Point proven.

The luxury of having a clean shaven neck in between trips to the barber is a simple and inexpensive reality these days. Neck and chest hair can be broken up into 2 sections with just a few zaps. The in-growns on itchy, sensitive rash like skin which gets shaved daily can be painful as well as unsightly. Just a few sessions of lasering the area can make a world of difference. Ask anyone who has had it done and they will tell you the change of texture in the hair is noticeable very early on. The hair becomes finer and softer with every session.

2019 is the year I want men to get up to speed on their grooming methods so spread the word and tell a friend! Hair removal doesn’t need to be a taboo subject because we ALL have some body hair we don’t want. So if you think Laser could make a loved one’s life better, send them this link. Remember Smooth Operator isn’t your typical ‘beauty salon’.

To my long time clients and the newbies who are reading this blog for the first time, please get in touch. I have packages for 2019 in case you needed more incentive to share the life changing gift of laser with your Friends and Fam.

PS> Since so many people ask, these are the top areas men choose to have lasered:

#1 area men choose to laser is their neck.

#2 Back/Shoulders tie for second place

#3 Chest

#4 Upper Thigh/Buttocks

#5 Thin out hair on forearms


Summatime Fine


It’s our first day of 20+ degree weather and I can feel a mix of emotions in the air. An excitement that we made it through what felt like the longest winter ever but also a slight hesitance that we’re not quite prepared for what’s to come.

This is a common feeling when we’re about to let go of something that we found comfort in. It’s easier to stay in that cozy sweater rather than go to the gym and cook healthy food. Summertime, like all good things in life, takes work whether we like it or not.

But ask yourself, do you want to be Rihanna on that boat or do you want to wear your stupid warm sweater??

That’s what I thought.

So with that in mind, get yourself right. Do the things you know make you feel good inside and out and remove whatever is holding you back from your yachting dreams. Nobody can make better decisions for you, than you.

(Also, get laser done before the summer so you don’t have to shave and can be out living your best life)


Melanin Magic


This is going to be a short blog entry with just facts:

  2. Lasers are attracted to pigment. Therefore if it doesn’t see melanin in hair or skin, it won’t burn it. Which is great for skin, but not so much for the hair.
  3.  If you have started greying, the laser will only kill the dark hair and you will be left with only white hair papa smurf. (Clearly he was smart enough to laser his chest when the hairs were still dark)

Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! Hi. :3 Drawn on March 17th, 2013.

That’s it.
The only facts you need to help you make the decision to start laser hair removal sooner than later.

Work in Progress

Happy New Year friends! Here I am officially wrapping up my first year of business. It’s been a hectic ride and I’m in awe that it’s actually over and I made it through with a smile.  2015 was certainly the year for work. Most of you know that on top of starting a business, I work full time for a company I adore AND had the opportunity to manage one of my favourite singers. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve loved every minute of it. I set a goal at the beginning of the year and I am so thrilled to admit that I knocked it out of the park.


At around 80 hours a week of pure accomplishment in my career, it’s safe to say that parts of my personal life fell through the cracks. There was little time to cook, clean, sleep let alone nurture relationships. I had to do something I’ve never done before, learn to say no. It’s still a work in progress as there were plenty of times I said yes when I shouldn’t have. The effects were always felt when after taking what little time and energy I had left to be there for others, I would come home to an empty house and fridge.

There are a myriad of lessons you learn in your first year of business which I will begin to share in future posts but there is one in particular that really stands out.


Sounds cliche but unless you’re in a partnership, there is nobody else you need to answer to. Friends and family may want the best for you but this is usually based on their ideals and certainly not your business plan. Most advice won’t come from fellow entrepreneurs but people who have very little idea of what you need to accomplish.  Never in my life have I worked at this capacity. It may have seemed a bit excessive to most but the truth is, the only person planning for my future is me. It’s not realistic to live your life and accomplish your goals based on someone else’s rules.

Trusting my instincts to continue grinding on this path was the best thing I could have done. Most entrepreneurs don’t set out to have balance in their first year of business.  I may not have eaten many home cooked meals or seen the inside of a gym, but I know I have set a solid foundation for my future.

The best part was in December all my ‘package’ clients came in for their last appointments and the greatest success of all was revealed. Smooth, Hairless Skin!   It was no surprise to me as I know Laser can achieve superb results but it was a pleasure to share in the joy of my clients.


In fact, my clients were a big part of how I made it through the year. I’ve met some really wonderful new neighbours and have gotten to know some friends a little better (to say the least lol).

Watching my business grow purely through word of mouth has been another major reward and the biggest form of flattery.

I’m so excited for 2016 knowing I’m heading in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who  supported me this year. My friends, family, colleagues and clients have been exceptional. I couldn’t have done any of this without you championing for me and referring me to your networks.

2016 is sure to be full of adventure and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.



Close Up and Personal


Oh how things have changed. If you knew me in my former life (before 2000) I look quite a bit different. More so, I feel different. Having grown up a chubby kid into an overweight adolescent with a significant amount of unwanted hair, you can imagine I didn’t have very high self-esteem.

Now today’s not the day to get into my childhood woes. Instead I want to share the adulthood triumphs. It hadn’t occurred to me until I posted the above photo as my FB profile pic how far I’d come. Never  would I have taken a close up shot of my face and posted it for everyone I know to see.  For so many years when I saw a photo of myself or looked in the mirror, all I saw was dark hair on my light brown skin.  I’m not entirely sure at what point I started to see myself but nevertheless, it’s clear that my confidence has arrived. Some people see taking selfies as narcissistic. For me, it’s been a form of therapy. People can tell you you’re beautiful but what does it matter if you don’t see beauty in yourself? Laser may be the reason for my smooth skin but I’ve realized it’s not the reason I feel good about myself.

So what was it that brought me here? A few factors that I can lump into one word. Happiness.

A few months ago an acquaintance commented on my weight loss and asked me how I had done it. I could tell she was waiting for me to tell her a diet or a new workout plan. I had quite a bit to drink when she posed the question and without thinking blurted out ‘I got happy!’ even surprising myself with the answer. We all know the kind of negative effect stress can have on your body (stay tuned for another post about this) so it makes sense that the opposite would also be true. For the past few years I have taken the time to understand where I came from, what made me the way I am and the type of person I wanted to be. Even seeking professional help to make sure I was on the right path. The rewards have been so blatantly obvious. Weight seems to come off gradually without even trying (don’t hate! Still a long way to go) My hair growth is completely under control and I’ve been able to make the dream of having my own business a reality.

So what’s the moral of this story? Things and milestones don’t make us happy. Find happiness with who you are first and everything else will fall into place. It’s no easy task but just think how a lifetime of happiness compares with looking thin for your wedding or carrying a new LV bag.  The weight will come back after you stop dieting, the bag will get old, But personal contentment lasts forever.

Hello Leslieville!


It’s official! Smooth Operator will be calling Leslieville home as of January 2015. While the past few years in the west with Fatima’s Esthetics have been great, the east end is just so darn convenient. The new spot has all this and more:

1. Free parking

2. Right off the Gardiner/DVP

3. On a 24hr streetcar line (Stop Queen & Carlaw)

4. Discreet – the opposite of the current Dundas/Ossington location

I know wholeheartedly this is the right place for Smooth Operator and can’t wait to share it with the neighbourhood. To kick off the year on right note, I’m offering the men & women of Leslieville a super duper offer:

$500 for unlimited laser for the year on 1 large body part ie. legs or chest


$1500 for unlimited laser for the year of 2015.

That’s right, as much laser as you want for $1500 and in a year you’ll hardly think of hair removal again. Not a lie. Perhaps the greatest deal ever. Take that Groupon!

Smooth is around the corner and I couldn’t be more ecstatic for us both. Please do introduce yourself and feel free to ask questions. I’m here so you don’t get burned physically and financially.

Eastender for life!


Kim Kardashian – Laser Hair Removal’s Poster Child

Ah, the Kardashians. I’m not gonna lie, I keep up with them. They’re my reality show weakness. This comes from someone who only has cable to watch Jeopardy.

Here’s my reason why I can’t get enough of them: Through the appearances they keep up, they’re actually brutally honest on the show. They joke about their failed relationships, big asses, and they’re hairy Armenian background.      At the heart of it, they seem to be a very close family who care about each other. Sure they’re not known for humanitarian work but how many celebrities are?

What I obviously love most is how Kim Kardashian is such an advocate for Laser Hair Removal. What better free advertising than her? She’s actually had laser done on camera for the show. I’ve kindly included the clip here where she accompanies Khloe on her first time.

Kim and Khloe get Laser Hair Removal on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The hairline is a good example of a non conventional place one could do laser.  Not a large area but a drastic difference.

I applaud the Dash Dolls for not pretending to be naturally gorgeous. They embrace their imperfections which is a great lesson for everyone imo.

Like Beyonce says, Pretty hurts.

KK confesses body hair on Rachel Ray Show: